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For any of you who catch Virgin Trains

There is a two page article (pages 36-37) on Alex Zane in the Jan-Mar 05 edition of the Hotline Magazine (Virgin Trains Magazine)
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Where can i get that? In the newsie?
The only place I know you can get them from is on board all Virgin Trains (though the magazine is free).
Ooooh, I love your avatar! The Dom part anyway. And that's annoying how you can only get it on the train. Damnit, I'm not going on one anytime soon. Could you scan it in?
Thanks for the compliment (Dom is my favourite part too!).

I haven't got access to a scanner at the moment, but I have picked up a couple of copies & can send you one if you wish.

Just drop me your name & address & I'll post it to you
Can i (rudely!) askk that if anyone can pick one up can they get one for me?! I'll pay postage and all that!
Not rude at all.

I've got one for you. If you could just drop me your name & address & I'll post it to you.
You are such a star! Thanks, ive emailed you!