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The Return Of ScreenPlay

Just want to remind everyone that Friday is the day when Screenplay returns to give us a reminder of all the films from the past year. I lifted this from the Mtv UK website:

Coming to you, directly from Universal Studios, Hollywood, ScreenPlay is back! I'm prepping our second annual ScreenPlay (no prize) Awards right now and it's going to make last year's extravaganza look like a bastard at a family reunion. This time round I'm abandoning my red room for some Los Angeles sunshine to provide you with the perfect cinematic antidote to bloated festive over-eating.

The show, premiering on MTV December 17th at 19.00, will do it's very best to reward the good, tease the bad and simply laugh at the ugly movie releases of the year. And what a year it's been for film. We've had quality animation like Shrek 2 & The Incredibles, thoroughly decent blockbusters Spider-Man 2, The Bourne Supremacy & Kill Bill 2, plus some quality smaller titles like Shaun of the Dead, Super Size Me & Saw. I for one have been enjoying my movie watching this year and that's exactly what this show will celebrate.

Categories will include: Best Comedy, Horror, Rom-Com, Villain, Action Scene, Blockbuster... as well as Most Disappointing and Biggest Stinker. And of course, the ScreenPlay Film of the Year. Anything worth bragging about will be present. Plus we'll have a selection of movie and pop stars discussing what they enjoyed most over the last 12-months.

Plus, if I can squeeze it in, we'll have a preview of some of the best movies that 2005 has in store for you. So that's the ScreenPlay (no prize) Awards. See you there.


So there you go, we will be able to start breathing again and watch this special episode of ScreenPlay. Enjoooy.



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Ooh, excellent.

And this is lauralovesalex from your boards. :D
OoOooh yey! Hey Laura!
You 'eard, join the boards all you people who haven't yet.
Awesome! Thanks for the heads up <333
No problem. I will remind you all of the link for the boards:
when it first started it was very boring, but the ball has started rolling so it's getting quite funkAy. Yes, funky.
Oops, it's 'proboards37'. As in, plural boards. Not just one. Sheesh, I can't type.
and i'm registerd.
fuck he's perfect x