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I bring bad news...

*sigh* Bad news everyone. If you haven't already heard, TRL is taking a break for now - no idea why, but it is. It will return on Monday January 31st with possibly a new set? Who knows. The point is, without TRL and the lack of Screenplay there are hardly any Alex sources. Every weekday at 6pm they're showing the 'Top Divas' 'Top Geezers' 'Best Performances' etc which are hosted by Dave and Alex but it's just not the same. There is still Xfm however, Saturday mornings at 10am 104.9fm, or channel 864 if you're not in London and have Sky Digital. Xfm will be keeping me sane for the next month.

If you're in a dying need of pictures and quotes and shizzle in this absence of TRL, pop on down to *smile, wink and a thumbs up, like she's on a teleshopping channel* and joooin. Wehey! 25 members at the moment and it's only been a couple of months, it's up and running properly now so is much better from it's 'proboards' days. Enjoy!


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